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Finishing Mowers

SM Mower.jpg

Sitrex finishing mowers are the ideal finishing mower for tractors (as low as 20hp!) Fully floating hitch for contour following, steel bearing housings & low maintenance are just some of the reasons they are popular

  • Available widths: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m & 2.3m
  • Rear discharge
  • Mulching kits available
  • Adjustable cutting height

Disc Mowers


Sitrex disc mowers are designed and built to the heighest standard. High definition pinions, bearings, discs and knives guarantee reliability in the toughest of environments.

  • Available widths: 2.8m (7 disc) & 3.2m (8 disc)
  • Comer cutter bar (from the world leading manufacturer of gearboxes & drive systems)
  • Excellent ground contour following
  • Breakaway system to protect the mowing unit in case of collisions with obstacles.


MX10 V-Rake


Built to rake the heaviest of silage crops cleanly. It will also effortlessly rake the bulkiest of hay & straw crops. Affordable & reliable in one easy to operate machine.

  • 6.5m working width
  • Hydraulic reel lift & arm fold
  • Rear steering for manoeuvrability
  • Extra long reel arms for high lift

SR420 Rotary Rake (single rotor)


One of the heaviest machines of this type available in NZ! Built to meet the requirments of rapid and careful swathing: it collects the forage delicately without twisting - making easy harvesting for the baler.

  • 4.2m working width
  • 11 swather arms
  • 3D heavy duty floating headstock for manoeuvrability
  • 2.2m transport width

TW7800 Rotary Rake (twin rotor)


TW7800 has a working width of 7.6m making harvesting quick & efficient for large farms & contractors. Self steering frame makes it possible to form compact & uniform windrows.

  • Working width: 6.8m-7.6m (adjustable)
  • Self steering frame
  • Hydraulic adjustable row width: 1.15m-2m

TR Side Rakes


Designed to rake hay, straw & pea vine cleanly & carefully with low power, the design makes the TR9 very stable when raking the heaviest of crops.

  • Working widths:
    • TR9 - upto 5.5m
    • TR13 - upto 8.5m
  • Self steering & excellent ground contour following
  • Hydraulic reel lift

RT Tedders

RT Tedder.jpg

RT Tedders are ideal machines to spread, air & turn all types of forage in any type of terrain. A popular machine on small & large farms in NZ for over 30 years.

  • Working widths of: 5.2m & 5.8m
  • Heavy duty 8mm RHS chassis
  • Hydraulic fold 
  • Low power requirement & excellent contour following


HM300 Tedder/Rake

HM300 CC.jpg

A complete universal power rake for silage and hay crops.very simple operation & sturdy construction, this power rake is fitted with wide tyres in order to improve ground clearance & performance on rough terrain.

  • 3m working width
  • Frame locks automatically when lifted
  • Great for tedding & windrowing
  • Adjustable deflectors for spread turning of hay, or aerated windrowing when closed

UNI400 Tedder/Rake

UNI400-2 CC.jpg

The ultimate combination hay tedder/rake. Raking, tedding & windrowing all in one machine! Piviting wheels enable it to follow the tractors exact movements.

  • Working width:
    • 3.2m - 3.5m Tedding
    • 3.1m - 4.0m Windrowing
  • 6 arms per rotor
  • Low power requirement
  • Excellent ground contour following